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Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo Contest

I will interrupt Dan's Thailand vacation to post about an online Alaska photo contest here. I decided to enter some of my favorite photos. The contest ends on May 15th. The photo above is some storm clouds reflected in Goose Creek.
There was a large limit of 100 entries per person. Needless to say, there are many thousands of photographs that the judges will have to sort through. I entered something like 40 photos myself. One of them being the Fall foliage along the Knik River above.
How do you choose photos that are likely to stand out from thousands of others? I know that I do not possess the technical skills that real photographers put into their photos. If you follow the link to see the other entries you will see that I am not the only amateur in the contest.
There are many Moose photos in the contest but this is my best effort.
This could very well be the only spider photo that has been submitted.
I entered three photos of this church. They are all pretty good.
I tried not to enter too many photos of obscure species of birds although they tend to be my favorite subject matter. This is a Golden-crowned Sparrow.
Naturally I had to enter ar least some bird photos like these Western Sandpipers.
I tried to find photos of animals doing interesting things. Unfortunately I do not have very many of those. I like this Saw-whet Owl being inspected by a Red Squirrel.
This Common Murre breaking up through the ice is also interesting behavior.
Maybe not interesting, but it is kind of cute. Tree Swallows.
This photo of a Sea Otter is the one that has generated the most interest from viewers. Be sure to visit the website to view the entries. Among the many average photos there are some really inspirational photos. Use the site's search engine to view all of my entries.


Unknown said...

Good look with this photo contest john.

Jeremy Pearse said...

John, you really have some wonderful images here, I'm sure you will do well in the photo contest - good luck!