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Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Celebration of Sea Birds

The Alaska Sea Life Center takes in injured birds and sea mammals and releases them when they have recovered. Last Winter they took in hundreds of Common Murres that were starving in the big die-off. These die-offs are cyclical but last Winter's die-off was the worst in memory.
This is a photo that Bart shot of a recovered murre.
The Sea Life Center is a great place to photograph sea birds in a naturalistic setting, like this Pigeon Guillimot.
Another Bart photo of a murre and a moultling guillimot.
Bart got this great shot of a Tufted Puffin.
I had to be quick to get this photo of a Rhinoceros Auklet.
This female Harlequin Duck was a lot more cooperative.
Bart got this fine shot of a Horned Puffin.
A pair of Long-tailed Ducks.
The male Long-tailed Duck.
A small group of murres.
This male King Eider is just starting its annual moult.
A resting female King Eider.
I could not ignore the spectacular scenery of Resurrection Bay.
This is the scene just off shore from the Sea Life Center. More to come from Seward.


John Holmes said...

Plenty of interesting species in the Sea Life Centre.

Resurrection Bay is spectacular.

john said...

I have to agree about the interesting species at the Sea Life Center and the spectacular scenery of Resurrection Bay.
Surprisingly, there were no murrelets of any kind although I did see Marbled Murrelets in the bay nearby.