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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Checking Out Seward

Although I have been to Seward many times, most of my visits have been during the Winter. Things are a little different during the Summer. There is a lot more people and less ice.
First we headed to the harbor where we had lunch at a dockside restaurant.
In the photo above we saw a distant Sea Otter. Can you see it? More on that later.
First Bart had to check out a friend's boat. Bart has a 25ft sailboat, but his friend Greg has a 71ft boat and plans to live on it with his family. I wonder what his wife thinks of the idea?
Then we went after the Sea Otter while the women went shopping. 
It obviously was used to boats and people since it paid no attention to either.
I could not let the opportunity to photograph it pass.
Bart took some of these photos but I do not remember which were his photos and which were mine.
Anyway the otter was playing, Peek-A -Boo.
I see you.
It was a fun subject to photograph.
One parting shot.
From there we continued being tourists and checked out the Sea Life Center.
Kids especially enjoy seeing and interacting with the sea creatures. These last two photos are Bart's photos.
I took the opportunity to get photos of the local fish.
I could not get sharp images in the low indoor light.
Tropical fish tend to be more colorful than cold water fish.
This fish at least had colorful fins.
 There is more to come from Seward.


John Holmes said...

Sea Otters are irresistible creatures.... nice series.

john said...

That otter was just too cute.