Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, March 8, 2010

South Africa, northern Kruger N.P.

We decided to drive to the northermost entrance to Kruger National Park, and slowly work our way south. Kruger is a great example of an intact ecosystem. There is a stark difference between the rich diversity of the land inside the park, and everywhere else.
Being in such close proximity to the big African animals is a genuine thrill. Although most of the park is scrubland similar to much of the American west, it harbors vastly more wildlife per acre. Overgrazing is no doubt the major facor that chokes out wildlife diversity in the American west, and many other places..
Almost immediately upon passing the Punda Maria Gate, we were surrounded on all sides by Cape Buffalo.
At a picnic spot, we were approached by a bold Plated Lizard. Tom got nipped on the finger for trying to touch the lizard. I'm usually the one to get bitten by reptiles.
There were many bold creatures in the national parks. This Crested Barbet hoped to share our lunch at Shingdwezi Rest Camp.
Hippos graze beside the river in the early morning. The heat of the day is spent lounging in the river.
An African Fish Eagle bathes in shallow water.
Almost everywhere there was water, there were hippos and Nile Crocadiles. This croc has captured a large fish, but it could'nt hold on to it.
Africa seems to me to have many grotesque creatures, especially birds. Southern Ground Hornbills qualify as being one of the grotesque birds. They have a deep, and resonant call.

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tess stieben said...

I find the birds to be beautiful in their sculptural quality, look at those fantastic thick beaks and the reddish color about the face. such a wondrous experience.