Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, March 11, 2010

South Africa, Still in Kruger

In the 8 days that Tom and I spent in Kruger N.P. we saw such a great variety of wildlife that I'm having trouble deciding what to include here, and what to leave out. All of it is interesting to me, so let me apologize for these endless Kruger reports. These photos are some of the many great birds we saw.
Egyptian  Geese
One of Africa's distinctive creatures, Hammerkop.
The biggest kingfisher in Africa, Giant Kingfisher.
Here is a kingfisher that does'nt fish. The Woodland Kingfisher eats insects, and small animals that it can swallow whole.
This is a critically endangered bird. Their population numbers in the hundreds, not the thousands. We were fortunate to see 4 Saddle-billed Storks.
From a very rare bird to a very common bird. This bulbul has several names, Common Bulbul, Black-eyed Bulbul, or Black-headed Bulbul. They are everywhere.
The Jacobin Cuckoo lays it's eggs in the nests of other birds like  Bulbuls. This fledgeling was being raised by a Black-headed Bulbul.
An attractive species, Red-headed Weaver.
This African Scops Owl was roosting directly above a busy parking lot in front of the headquarters of Letaba Rest Camp.
Also next to Letaba Rest Camp, this Yellow-billed Hornbill gobbles down a grasshopper. These guys are very common in Kruger, and unafraid of people.
Another common, and bold hornbill, the small, Red-billed Hornbill.
Although not colorful, the Grey Go-away Bird is very elegant.

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