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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

El Chaco, Peru

El Chaco is a tiny fishing village on the coast, just south of the larger, ( and not so nice), town of Pisco. Tourism is the real lifeblood of El Chaco because of it's proximity to Paracas National Park, and Islas Ballestas. This area was my favorite part of my Peru trip.
Before arriving on the Peruvian Coast, I did not realize that this was a major wintering ground for Franklin's Gull.
One of the South American gulls is the large Belcher's Gull.
This dainty Gray-hooded Gull was a lifer for me. The other new gull species I saw in the area were Kelp, and Gray Gulls along with the Belcher's Gulls.
These Belcher's Gulls share a perch with some Black-crowned Night Herons. BCN Herons are nearly a worldwide species. I even saw them in South Africa.
I had to include this photo.
There is absolutely nothing to  do in El Chaco except look at birds on the beach, or look at birds in the small salt marsh on the south end of town. There are many wintering shorebirds there, and these White-cheeked Pintails.
Wilson's Phalaropes and a yellowlegs.
Whimbrels are another far ranging species. I have seen them in about every country I have been to, including Thailand and South Africa.
A comparision between a Lesser,( left), and a Greater Yellowlegs.
Near sunset on my first day in town, I saw my first Peruvian Thick-knees. They are a nocturnal shorebird.
After the thick-knees, I had just enough time to watch the sunset from the beach.

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