Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Harpy and the Moon

This is my latest painting. A Harpy Eagle, 12x16". I dont have a title for it yet.
Seeing one of these in the wild was one of my greatest birding goals. I finally got it in Ecuador about three and a half years ago. What a major thrill. Now I want to see the Phillipines Eagle. That's not likely to happen.
For the last several evenings, I have been photographing the end of Autumn in the field next door. I really like the way that the light of the setting sun iluminates the snow on the hillsides.
The light changes by the minute.
The snow line slowly creeps down the mountains toward the town.
Most of the trees are bereft of their leaves, but there are always a few hangers on.
Weed seed heads of some sort.
There are still a few sad, Daisies losing their battle against the cold.
Fireweed seed heads.
Another Fireweed seed head.

A rain puddle dried up. The mud cracked. Now it's coated by a fine film of frost.
The rain puddles that did'nt dry up, are freezing fast.
I like the abstract patterns of the frozen water.
The full moon rose over the mountains, just after the sun went down. Now it's time for dinner.


Suz said...

oh my.that last shot of the moon was exquisite
and your harpie...oh my, you have indeed captured the look on its face
Raptors...no fooling around with them...
All your photos are wonderful..and yes light..a wonderful thing to follow...
I saw a show on cable I think was called the land of Giants...they were thrilled when they happened upon a Harpie...I believe it was in Ecuador ..they said it is a very rare sighting..good for you..and now a painting

Colette Theriault said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos John. And that harpy eagle, he looks so fine. Splendid rendering and I love the setting you place him in.

Jeremy Pearse said...

More amazing photos! And I like the Harpy too - would love to see one! Can't believe you have ice already! We are still in the 70's - lows in the 50's. Looking forward to seeing more pics when you have them!

Kay Baughman said...

the freezing puddles have beautiful patterns. what lovely photos, John!