Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today's Sightings

I'll take a break from my visits to the Kenai Peninsula to post some of the photos I shot today around here. This is my best Magpie in flight photo.
Right now we are at the tail end of Autumn. Many of the trees are already bare. Several weeks ago I posted another photo of this same bridge, but I like this view better.
Today was cloudy, and 10 degrees colder than it was the last time I visited Westchester Lagoon. The snow will be here in town soon enough.
So many birds have migrated out of here, but I'm kind of surprized by what is still here. There are lots of ducks around, like this Green-winged Teal.
These are female Buffleheads. The males were too far away for photos.
It was the same situation with the Greater Scaups. The males stayed far out on the water.
The local Bald Eagle preferred to perch on a small island, rather than  it's usual tree.
If there would have been stronger light, this would be a better action photo.
There were two Steller's Jays, one on either side of Westchester.
A preening male, Downy Woodpecker.
Just before dark, I walked around in the field next door.
It's been raining lately. I liked the reflections of the trees in the rain puddles.

This far north, dusk lingers on and on. I posted photos of this Russian Orthodox Church last Fall. This is how it looks now.
These trees have already lost their leaves.


Suz said...

It's hard to believe that you live there in all that beauty..which you have done such a nice job of photographing...love the puddle...and the bridge one...drew me into it...how long is your winter and what plans do you make to endure it...or do you enjoy it just the same?

john said...

Suz, In the coming months you will see my blog posts about how I, and other Alaskans cope with the 8 months of winter. Since you live in Illinois, you know all about hard winters.
My preferred coping mechanism is to escape to tropical climes, at least during the coldest, darkest part of winter. It's still up in the air whether I'll make it out this winter.

Suz said...

ha this gave me a laugh....escape...why of course!