Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playing With the New Camera

Last week I saw a Fujifilm S1800 on sale in a local department store. It was $150.oo less than it had been last time I looked at the price so I bought it. Today I noticed that the price had dropped by another $30.oo. So it goes. The past few days I have been putting the camera through it's paces to see what it can do.
My good camera is a Lumix FZ-50, and is far superior to the Fuji. Nevertheless it's good to have a backup camera.
A late afternoon shot of the mouth of the Knik River.
The Fujifilm's strong point is it's macro capabilities. That's no big deal for a digital camera. This is a Starflower.
wild Rose
Dwarf Dogwood
Forget Me Nots
Wild Strawberry flowers
Maple leaf
This Robin is the only bird I have photographed with the new camera. There is about a 2 second delay after I press the shutter button. This is terrible for wildlife photography.
The road to Goose Creek. The setting for the Goose Creek Bear painting that gave me so much trouble is just off to the right.
The main problems I have with the new camera are the long shutter delay, and the lack of manual zoom, or manual focus. In spite of that, this little camera is in many ways far superior to any 35mm camera that I have ever had, and I have had many 35mm's over the years. I was perfectly happy with them, but now I would never go back to film cameras.


Steve's Bird Blog said...

Beautiful pictures John. Some day I need to get to Alaska, but I don't know when. this fall we are going to Europe for the fist time to visit our daughter who lives in Germany, then we need to return to the Philippines in the next couple of years, I also plan to visit Vietnam and Cambodia on that trip. Your art is beautiful and I love your blog posts. About the Gopher snake, it was very agitated by my little papillon that wanted to play with it and it went deep into a sage brush where I couln't get a good photo. I didn't want to upset it further so we just left it alone, but it was probably the biggest gopher snake I have ever seen.

john said...

Thank you for your comments Steve. It looks like you have some good birding opportunities coming up. I have been to Cambodia, Angkor Wat is not to be missed. Look for the amazing Black Baza there. Also be sure to visit nearby Prek Toal, where you can see many critically endangered birds that cannot be seen anywhere else. Living in Alaska, I really miss seeing snakes.