Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pika n' Stuff

The latest painting, Collared Pika, 8x10". There are two species of pika that I know about in North America, and other species in Europe. A cute painting but a little boring.
This photo I shot a few years ago at Independence Mine near Hatcher Pass, is the only reference photo that I used for the painting.
This is the only other pika painting that I can remember doing. It is also 8x10", and based on a different photo of the same pika from Independence Mine. It languished in a gallery for a few years until they sent it back. Oh well. I like it too much to paint over it.
To flesh out this post a little more, I'll add photos of some more old paintings. This is a 16x20", Trumpeter Swan painting. I hate the gnarled trunk in the foreground. I sold the painting anyway.
American Dipper, 16x20". I think that this is the only dipper I have painted. I like it well enough, although it is a strange composition. I'm glad that also it sold.
Another painting that sold easily. It's a 6x4" Rock Ptarmigan. I know that I should do more miniatures like this.
This was an odd sized comission for a retired couple who were leaving Alaska. They seemed pleased with the painting. Not so sure that I am.
12x16", Speckled Tanager from Costa Rica. One of the tropical paintings that I was able to sell in Gary's Homer gallery, The sea Lion.


Shawn said...

Gorgeous paintings there! They look so real! :)

Marc. Calvo.Armengol said...

Good paintings John!, i specially entusisated about the picture of tanaguer and the pika.

john said...

Shawn and Marc, Thank you for your kind comments. The spanish name for Speckled Tanager is, Tangara Moteada.

tess stieben said...

The dipper composition is fab! It really captures the environment which these birds are found in.
I have been wanting to paint a dipper since I photographed a pair a few years back. We had captured many close up images along a stream in Kananaskis so I have excellent referance material plus about 4-5 hours of watching these fascinating birds swim about under water for a meal. Hugs!

john said...

Tess, I look forward to seeing your approach to a dipper painting. Your work is so refreshing to see.