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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Days in the Sun

After the snowiest winter ever, more than 11ft in Anchorage, 40ft in other places, we have had bright sunshine for about 5 days. I got to spend some quality time outdoors yesterday and today. The photo above shows Scott Christy above the Matanuska River near Palmer yesterday afternoon.
Another view of the Matanuska River Valley, looking in the opposite direction. It was hard to photograph because of the blinding, white light.
Scott, Jean and I played around Palmer, went to dinner there, then a Matsu Bird club meeting. Afterward we went in search of a male Eurasian Widgeon that was reported at the meeting. We got to the area at around 9:30 pm. It was just getting dark. This is Pioneer Peak above.
The only real sign of Spring around here is the open water, and the presence of waterfowl, like the Trumpeter Swans on the far right. See them? There were some American, and one Eurasian Widgeon in the water as well. The Eurasian Widgeon is my third lifer for the year.
There are 7 swans in this photo. See them all?
One last bird before dark, a Bald Eagle. The trees will not start to leaf out for about another month.
Today was too nice to stay indoors and work, so I visited Westchester Lagoon and Spenard Crossing. The Common Goldeneyes were once again very photogenic. This time with stronger light.
They are just too cute.
I could hardly hope for a better photo op.
This female Common Merganser was also being exceptionally cooperative.
Most of the ducks were the ubiquitous Mallards, but there were a few Pintails. Other ducks that I saw but did'nt photograph were some Greenwings, a scaup, a widgeon, and a male Canvasback. There were gulls and one swan, plus several Canada Geese.
Camera shy.


Jeremy Pearse said...

Great series of photos esp of the Goldeneye! You must have been in heaven being so close to them - aren't they stunning birds! Also like the new look of your blog - is the abstract background something you came up with? Wanted to comment too on the Oregon Junco, lovely painting. I really enjoy the colors, the composition and the way that you posed and painted the bird - one of your best I think.

john said...

Thank you for your comments Jeremy. The background on the blog is just one of Blogger's templates.
I tried to arrange the puffed out junco to match the apples. I believe that I ended up giving that painting away to someone.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Wow, gave it away!!! Someone must be very happy with that present! I hope you will keep me in mind the next time you are thinking about giving away a painting:)
Forgot to mention that I do like the re-worked paintings shown earlier a little better - often age and little more experience does help! Also love the Ross's Gull!! Another favorite painting of mine- what size is it?

john said...

Unfortunately, experience has taught me that almost all of the paintings that I have given away end up in the back of people's closets. They don't value what they did'nt pay for.