Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, July 27, 2012

Something Different

Okay bird experts, what is it? It is something that I have never painted before.
Another one.
This is the entire painting, 8x10". These are the rarest of the alcids, a group of chunky seabirds that includes the puffins. These guys occur only in the outer Aleutian Islands, and I believe the Kuril Islands as well. They are Whiskered Auklets.
The pair in this painting are getting a running start across the surface of the water before take off. Flight is difficult when you have such comparatively tiny wings.

Right now is prime southward migration time for shorebirds. I rode my bicycle along the coastal trail to check them out. This is a view of downtown Anchorage at high tide.

There were many hundreds of the usual suspects, mostly Short-billed Dowitchers, like these at Westchester.
A lesser number of Hudsonian Godwits as usual, and very few smaller peeps.
Most of the Bonaparte's Gulls were still in their breeding plummage.


Friend of HK said...

I have never seen the Whiskered Auklets before. They do look unusual but very cute. Love the painting!

john said...

Thank you for your comment. This painting was inspired by photos from John's Hong Kong Birding Blog, and photos that he posted from the Kuril Islands. I enjoyed the wonderful macro shots of Mormon Butterflies on your latest post.

Unknown said...

Yes John, its the wishkered auklet; and also it breeds in Komander islands just in front of the east coast of Kamchatka.The rhinoceros auklet its still more amazing and rare for me, due to his bizarre horn appendix that grow just on the bill.

john said...

Thank you for your comment Marc. Rhinocerous, and Parakeet, are the only Auklets that I have personally seen. I guess that I got the Kuril, and Komander Islands mixed up. I would love to visit both of those island chains.

Flogistix said...

I really love those pictures.... cool. . .thanks a lot for showing it to me....keep it up . .really much appreciated..
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