Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some More Big Critters

Maggie's South African adventure continues with a dentist's perspective of some hippos. People keep saying that hippos are one of the most dangerous species of African animals. I could not say from my own personal experience, but I was never reckless enough to crowd them. No doubt, Maggie also kept a respectful distance.
The last post featured a Black Rhino; these are a mother and calf White Rhino. They are even bigger than Black Rhinos, although generally milder in temperament.
A grazing elephant in good light. When I was in Africa, I feared elephants more than any other animal. They are so big, and easily annoyed.
I bet these are not house cat paw prints. The guide places his hand next to some Leopard spoor. Now things are getting exciting.
Night time is the right time for these big cats. This Leopard is feeding on a kill in a tree. Safe from lions and hyenas. I never got this close to a Leopard on either of my Africa trips. Boo-hoo.
Another good shot of a Leopard, showing the distinctive white patches on the back of it's ears.
This Leopard is so used to people that it acts like a zoo Leopard, as long as you stay in your vehicle.
Another cat displaying it's fine pearly whites for the benefit of the dentist, or maybe it's just hoping that someone will get out of the truck. Dinnertime.
The victim of a Leopard? No it's a Spotted Hyena sleeping outside it's den.
The sun is going down, so it's time to get up.
This hyena has a family.
Sundown in Africa. This is not quite the end of Maggie's journey. There are more felines to come, plus a few odds and ends. I can't wait to see what will come next.

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