Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last of Gary's Photos

Another photo from Semliki Toro that I forgot to include earlier. R.L.T. stands for Rueppell's Long-tailed. The bird's name has recently been changed to Rueppell's Glossy Starling.
A White-thighed Hornbill near the Budongo Forest in Western Uganda.
Although I dont know the official name of these lizards, I called them Orange- headed Agamas. This individual was near Murchison.
A big croc.

Some elephants in Murchison got excited when we approached them too fast for their comfort. Their excitement was too scary for my comfort as well.

A Red-necked Falcon.

Grasshopper Buzzards were more approachable than most raptors.

I'm envious of Gary's nice shot of a Palm-nut Vulture. What a great bird!

The hippo seemed oblivious to this jacana pecking at it's head.

Gary's photo of the very rare Egyptian Plover.

These photos were taken only yards from the hippo with the jacana.

We only saw this one lion on the trip, but we got to see it on two consecutive days.

On the first day we saw it, we were standing out of the car looking at a pair of Grey Kestrels. The lion was about  a quarter mile away, staring intently at us. It soon hid itself in some thick scrub. The next day we approached in the car and the lion all but ignored us.
I'll end this with a photo I shot with Gary's camera in the capital city of Kampala. I guess President Obama has a back-up plan in case that president thing does'nt pan out. Tom is on the left, Gary on the right.

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