Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter White, At Night

The snow started falling again this evening so I grabbed my camera. We got another five or six inches, and the snow is still coming down.
Another look at the forlorn flag in front of my neighbor's apartment.

The trailer park directly out my back window.
See the man clearing the snow off his roof? Either that, or I got a shot of a cat burglar in action.
I went into the vacant land next door and photographed the view looking towards the road out front.

This view almost looks like sand instead of snow. You can still see an impression of my footprints from earlier in the day. I was hoping to get an interesting view of the Russian Orthodox church at night. Unfortunately it was not lighted, and I could'nt see it at all.
So I went out to the highway. You cant really even see the road itself, but this is Alaska's busiest highway, and the only route into the state's interior, and to Canada, and beyond. Not a vehicle in sight.


Joan Ramon Noguer said...

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Un cordial saludo desde Olot, Catalunya.

john said...

Gracias por tus commentarios. Visite' a tu blog. Tienes fantasticas fotografias tambien.