Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter White

A friendly neighborhood Moose enjoying the fresh snowfall in the lot next to my place.
Lots of places far to the south have gotten snow before we did. Our first snowfall in town was on Oct. 30th. Only an inch or two, but these neighborhood children wasted no time going out and playing in it.
Last night we got about 8" of new snow. My next door neighbor is a proud veteran who always displays the flag. This is the view I saw when I opened the door this morning.
Somebody left their bycicle out in the snow. It will probably be quite awhile before she gets to ride it again. Like next April or May.
A common sight in Winter. Lots of people make extra money plowing out parking lots and driveways.
I walked through the fields next door to take in the sights of early Winter.
Scenes like this are potential inspiration for future paintings. Ink and photo paper are expensive so I'm always way behind on printing out new reference photographs. Especially this year with the terrible economy.
A Black Cottonwood treetrunk.
The days of watching Sunday afternoon football on tv are over for this abandoned couch.
A wide shot of the mountains and the Russian Orthodox Church.

A medium view of the same thing.
A close up of the only remotely interesting building in this whole section of town.
Truth in advertizing, I shot these Moose photos here last winter. I have not seen any Moose in the area lately.
Say goodbye for now.

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Colette Theriault said...

Thanks for sharing John...a glimpse of things to come our way very soon! I love the image of the bike at night in the snow!