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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Spring Arrivals

The weather lately has been wonderful, and it is predicted to continue so. Last evening I rode my bicycle through Russian Jack Park. It was over-run by people but I managed to see the Snowshoe Hare above. It was already wearing it's Summer coat.
Last evening I also saw my first Varied Thrush of the season. It has the most incredible song. It can actually produce two seperate tones simultaneously.
The park was also suddenly flush with large numbers of singing Robins.
Today was too nice to stay indoors and work so I headed back to the Coastal Trail and environs. Above a pair of Gadwalls squabbles with a nearby pair.
A beautiful male Green-winged Teal. It is the smallest of North American ducks.
The Green-wings cooperated well for photos today.
Just one last portrait.
A preening drake American Widgeon.
Today was the first time in about ten years that I have seen Sandhill Cranes on Fish Creek. They used to nest here, but disappeared because of human disturbance on this urban creek. I kept my distance.
The shorebirds have still not arrived yet. There was only a few yellowlegs today. This is a Greater Yellowlegs and a sleeping hen Green-winged Teal.
A closer photo of the yellowlegs.
There was also only one Lesser Yellowlegs.
These are a mix of Greater Scaup and Canvasback.
Red-necked Grebes are abundant in the Summer months. I'll probably head back on Thursday or Friday to see if more birds arrive soon.


Kay Baughman said...

Looks like your spring is arriving! It's already so hot and humid and windy here. I'd love to go north for a while.
That Red-necked Grebe is really beautiful!

tess stieben said...

The joy of spring. I am glad my camera is now repaired and back after 2 long months away. Seems I was right and there was a lot wrong with it, 3 parts replaced. I am glad I haven't missed all of migration as happened last year. big hugs!