Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Painting and Some Random Photos

The latest painting is a 9x12" portrait of some migrating Dunlins called, Rest Stop.
A pesky Red Squirrel in a sprouting Black Cottonwood. We only have three squirrel species around here plus Hoary Marmot. We have Red Squirrels around town, Arctic Ground Squirrels up in the hills, and Northern Flying Squirrels in lowland areas with lots of Spruce Trees. I have never seen the uncommon, and nocturnal flying squirrel.
Common Redpoll.
This Savannah Sparrow prefers to run along the ground than to fly.
A Tree Swallow.
A confiding Steller's Jay.
Gray Jays are far less common around town than Steller's Jays. Magpies greatly outnumber both of them put together.
My friend Dan had this young Black Bear in a Birch Tree in his yard. This is his photo.
The bear was chased up the tree by the neighbor's dog. Eventually it came down and ran away.
Remember this painting from a few days ago?

I played with it some more. The painting looks better although the photo is'nt quite as good. Can you see the differences?


tess stieben said...

Nice of Dan to share his beautiful bear images. We have crazy red squirrel. He attempt to jump onto the bird feeder earlier though it's been drizzly so the glass roof over the seed feeder was slippery and down he went. it wasn't a deterrent from his continuing to get the seeds though even with the birds scolding him.

Kay Baughman said...

Your photos are fantastic--but your paintings are the best! The saw-whet owl looks like it is sitting right here with me.

Suz said...

I followed here from Kay's blog
I can't believe her bird variety this year
but now I can't believe your fabulous talent as an artist
We are all kindred spirits
lifted up by all of nature
love your photos too

john said...

Tess, Kay, and Suz, Thank you for your kind comments.

john said...

Tess, Kay, and Suz, Thank you for your kind comments.