Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's MayDay, a perfect time to put up my 300th blog post. I'm sorry for blogging so much. I never intended to be so prolific, but this thing is a perfect opportunity to make a record of my life history when I would never keep a journal or write an autobiography.
The painting above, In the Dawn Mist, 16x20" has been published widely by Wildwings, and I hope they keep doing it.
This painting, The Untamed Land, 16x20", was purchased by a European bank. I think it was Barclays. I wish they would collect some more of my artwork.
I forget the title and size of this painting of Tufted Puffins. I gave it to Dr. Harrison, who saved my eyesight some years ago. I will forever be grateful.
This is one of the first paintings I did after moving to Alaska in 1997. It sold right away.
Another of my early Alaska paintings. I was very impressed by the lush summer vegetation all around my house in Eagle River. This is a terrible photograph, but the painting looked fine. It is a Snowshoe Hare.
This is probably the only Bluethroat that I have painted. Bluethroats are an Old World species, but a few of them breed in Western Alaska every summer. This painting is 8x10" I should do another one.
This 16x20" Caribou painting was given to Dr. Swanson, who was the partner of Dr. Harrison, between the two of them, they performed 19 eye surgeries of various kinds to save me from complete blindness. My eyesight is terrible none the less. At least I can still paint with the aid of a magnifying visor. My color accuity is not what it once was. It sure beats total blindness.

This little Golden-crowned Kinglet was made into a limited edition print. It was one of the few print series that sold out completely. Those were the good old days.
This 16x20" wolf painting sits in Treasure Art Gallery in Sedona Az. I hope that it eventually sells. I think it's a good painting. The mountains in the background are the mountains above Eagle River. Part of the Chugach range.
Easily one of my best paintings, Palmer Hay Flats, 24x48". Right now is the time to see migrating Snow Geese on Palmer Hay Flats, about 40 miles from here.


Marc. Calvo.Armengol said...

Good paintings John!,especially the picture of "untamed land",the puffins,the blue throat and the wolves of Chugach mountains i like the details of rocks and flowers, the colours of blue throat,and also the couple of grizzlys with orange fur tonaltys.I would like to paiting much faster because normally i need one month for my big pictures, i have to search one sistem for go much faster!.

john said...

Marc, Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoy seeing your artwork as well.

Friend of HK said...

Your paintings are amazing! I love all of them. I wish I could capture these interesting moments on camera!