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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Comission and Earthquake Damage

About two weeks ago I was comissioned to do a portrait of a male American Widgeon, based on some excellent photos taken by the client. I was very enthusiastic about finally having a comission, and I dived into the painting too fast. This is the second version. I messed up the first one because I was in such a hurry. The painting is 12x16".
I have not informed the clients that the painting is finished. I'll do that as soon as I post this blog entry. I hope they like it. One thing that really concerned me was whether the drake's pale blue bill would show up against the water behind it. I think it's fine.

Remember this painting from several months ago? I spent a whole lot of time on this complex piece.
Well about a week ago I was jolted awake in the morning by an earthquake. They are a common occurance here. The only thing that happened was that a stack of paintings leaning against the wall fell over. I righted them, thinking it was no big deal.
This morning, Gary from the Sea Lion Gallery dropped by to pick up some new paintings for his gallery. He specifically mentioned that he was most interested in  the waxwing painting.
I retrieved it and was dismayed to see this 4 inch rip in the canvas. What a bummer. I think that I can repair it to some extent by gluing a swath of canvas onto the back with acrylic medium. Then I can fill the torn canvas with gesso, then paint.
The painting will have a noticeable scar, and it will have to be sold at a substantial discount. I am glad that I had the painting professionally photographed before the damage happened. Nevertheless, it is a lot of labor down  the drain. Boo hoo.


Colette Theriault said...

Aw, so sorry to learn about your torn painting. It is such a beautiful piece and a shame to have it ruined. I'd be crying too...Congrats on the widgeon commission; I think it looks perfect and the bill stands right out!

Unknown said...

I had two of this accidents with my pictures,especially related due the transport,and also, i still to repare a fantastic picture of fox, that having a little hole just near the middle of the picture.Since this experience, i decided to take a radical solution; i usually dont sell my pictures with frames and marks and join the cloth or the paper with a table board.

john said...

Thanks Colette.
Marc, I prefer to paint on gessoboard, (masonite or pressed board). The local art supply stores quit carrying gessoboard. I'll have to order it from the internet.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.