Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Scott Christy and his wife Jean Tam are longtime friends here in Anchorage. They have an airplane, and a small cabin on the remote outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula. The cabin is reached by float plane in the Summer months, and skis on the plane in the Winter.
These photos were all taken by Scott. The photo above shows the typical glacier lake habitat near their cabin. I did an older post about my visit to the cabin, but Scott has some better photos, and it's definitely worth a second look.
While flying in from Anchorage, the plane passes over numerous small lakes and waterfalls that are pretty much inaccessible to people.
Who would'nt want a vacation cabin with a view like this? The cabin is location near the shore of Big Johnstone Lake with Excelsior Glacier feeding it. It is a cold place. The cabin is actually back in the trees where it is protected from the blast of cold air that eminates from the glacier.
Big Johnstone Lake is connected to the ocean via a short river. Harbor Seals lounge on the icebergs in the freshwater lake because it offers them protection from Orcas. I'm not sure if they catch fish in the lake.
Scott and Jean have a Zodiac which they use to travel around the lake and down the river to the sea. It gives them the opportunity to get great photographs of the constantly changing ice formations on the lake.
Scott's photos may be spectacular, but actually being there is truly breathtaking. Glowing blue everywhere.
The place is located in coastal temperate rainforest. It will typicaly rain solid for a week or a month, then have one day of sunshine, and then back to the rain. Nevertheless it is a magical place.
Where's the Polar Bear? It is too far south for them, but Black Bears are abundant in the area. A few grizzlies too.
A rare sunny day in the rainforest, with a beautiful lake in the background.
Taking the Zodiac along the river from the lake to the ocean.
Jean holds up dinner.
More salmon destined for the freezer or the fish smoker. Personally, I hate fish, including fresh caught, or smoked salmon. My friends make me eat them all the time anyway. Everyone around here always has a freezer full of salmon. It's a rough life. I'll take moose meat any day, but I'm grateful for people's hospitality.

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Suz said...

I don't like fish either. I hope this doesn't get old....but I love your paintings....
but moose? you eat Moose...have you never watch Captain Kangaroo? with Mr. Moose...?
I guess you are too young...but if you had...you'd never eat moose ;)