Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Paintings From the Album

Over the years, I have painted at least a half dozen Black Bears and waterfalls. This is my favorite of the bunch, Black Bear Grotto, 11x14".
Keeping on the bear theme, this is a 16x20" painting of mama and cubs, (grizzlies) emerging from their hibernation den. I forget the name of it.
For some reason, I have only painted a handful of Polar Bears. This is an 18x24" painting that I also cannot remember the title of. It's funny that I can remember the sizes of these old paintings, but not the titles of them.

Back in the good ol days, I did a lot of ballpoint pen, (Bic Fine Point) drawings. I quit doing them when I realized that the ink fades over time, and I could not in good conscience charge money for something with such a short life span. I traded this one to another artist for some of his limited edition prints. I did'nt feel bad because prints fade away also.
Caribou on Parade, 16x20". This was a popular painting that got lots of positive responses from people.
Polar Bear Peak, 16x12". This is more of a landscape painting, which I seldom do. It is set in the upper Eagle River Valley.
This is my favorite Gray Jay painting. I forget it's name, but it's 20x16", or 24x18'. I guess I can't remember it's size either.
I did a series of exotic bird paintings inspired by my trips to Costs Rica. This is a 12x16", Speckled Tanager that I gave a spanish name, Tangara Moteada.
This 11x14", Barred Antshrike is titled, The Jailbird. It's plumage is black and white, striped like old time prison clothes, and the branches behind the bird look a little like iron bars.
A 10x8" painting of a Long-tailed Hermit, (hummingbird) raiding a spider's web. They steal both tiny insects, and silk for nesting material.
A 10x8", Collared Redstart. This is a cute, inhabitant of the mountainous cloud forest.
African Lions, 16x20". I also forget the name of this one. I wanted to go to Africa, and see lions in the wild for decades before I actually got to do it.
11x14", Elk titled who knows what. This painting was stolen from the gallery where it was hanging, but not before I got a 4x5" transparancy of it. It was used as a Canadian Provincial Conservation Stamp, so I did make a little money off it.
 My hero, Robert Bateman saw it and said he really liked it. What a thrill. I have had the priviledge of seeing my artwork included in two art shows that featured his work as well. I'll have another show with his work, (and all the big names in wildlife art) next Summer. I can't wait.
18x24" Bald Eagle, I forget the name, but I do like the painting. I even remember who got this one, a local doctor.


Suz said...

my goodness these were stunning
I have to say I LOVE your ink drawing...such detail so fine
I have been thinking about why people like to look at the albumn...pure joy of overviewing on beautiful work
and maybe the size of the real work is intimidating to lookers
and not buyers....they might feel free to look at an albumn ,but comfortable staring at a painting that they love but cannot afford
DOn't be too hard on your admirers
give thanks for all of them
again...love your work

Suz said...

I meant to say "uncomfortable" staring

john said...

Suz, I am humbled by your admonition to be grateful for the people who take the time to look at my work. People's compliments tend to pass over me like water rolling off a duck's back. Yet critizisms tend to cut to the bone, although they are much needed to help me broaden my understanding.
As a teenager, and before, I used to ride my bicycle about 12 miles from my home to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Looking at the great artwork there used to make me go weak in the knees. It grabbed me by the front of my shirt, and pulled me right into it.
Photographs, by contrast are dull and lifeless. That is why I dont understand how anyone could choose to look at a photo over real art with it's living colors and textures, and flaws.

tess stieben said...

The black bear peering past the falls captured how bears are, giving a sense of the moment. I feel that if I look away for when I look back the bear will be gone, beautiful painting. The cheeky little collared redstart is stunning, the colour grabs my attention.
What show are you exhibiting in next summer?
thanks for sharing, hugs, Teresa

Anonymous said...

These are amazing. Where could I find a print of the "Caribou on Parade"?