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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finishing Up the Photo Album

Spotted Owl, 11x14".
It's been years since I've even looked at the photos of old paintings in the photo album. So these paintings look fresh to me. They represent a good chunk of my creative history. I'm not sure whether I have improved at all as a painter. It seems that you gain ground in one area, and lose it in another.
 There were (Mexican) Spotted Owls in the White Mountains in Arizona, where I lived for 19 years. They were restricted to a few remote canyons along the Mogollon Rim. I went looking for them several times, with no luck.
Ice Age Survivor, 16x20". I later added snow to the moose's face, and made the painting look much better.
Coyotes, 16x20". I dont remember the official name of this one, but Coyotes, along with Elk, were a favorite subject of mine when I lived in Arizona. Sparrows have really been one of my favorite all time subjects to paint, but they are hard to sell.
Northern Hawk Owl and Ermine, 11x14". My latest painting is an Ermine in Summer colors, but I have'nt posted that one yet.

Another Sitka Black-tailed Deer. It is 16x20". Naturally I cant remember it's title. My nephew's old boss, Mark, (the same guy I accompanied to Mendeltna Creek this summer) purchased this one years ago.
Western Sandpipers, 11x14". I really enjoy painting shorebirds as well.
Caribou family, 16x12". Another ballpoint pen drawing.
Being a Bear, 20x16". Another Black Bear and waterfall painting. I like the bear, but not the waterfall, so I left it out of the photo.
Red on Green, 16x20". This was a popular painting, that drew a lot of positive attention. The photo of this, and many of these paintings, looks darker than the paintings actually were. This is because I was trying to reduce the harsh contrasts that photos of paintings often create.

Gray Ghosts, 24x36". This was one of the first paintings that I did after moving to Alaska. It sold immediately. A nice paycheck for me. Large paintings like a 24x36", are usually very difficult to sell. That is why I seldom do them.
Fishing Alaska, 20x24". This is a detail of a larger painting. It is hanging in the office of a local doctor who has a number of my paintings.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 12x9". The leaves are Black Cottonwood. They are turning gold right now around these parts.

Gray Jay, Rainy Day, 16x20". Another painting set in Autumn colors, but with raindrops.

An early Snowy Owl painting. I forget the size and title. This painting once looked much different. I set out to make a few adjustments with it, and ended up re-painting everything except the upper right hand corner. The improvements made a big difference.


Jeremy Pearse said...

Lovely series of paintings! I especially like the Hawk Owl about to pounce. This bird is one of my favorite owls but I still have to see one in the wild!

Suz said...

I am reminded of a line in an old song from simon and garfunkel
..who will love a little sparrow?

I love sparrows too...especially their cheerful chatter in the bushes