Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paradise Found, Part 2

The scenery around Khao Sok is breathtaking everywhere you turn. Especially when the mountains are enshrouded in mists. Khao Sok is where a large cat with a very loud roar nearly gave me a heart attack as it roared from 25 ft away. The jungle was so thick that I never got a glimpse of it.

The Khao Sok River runs clear, and teems with fish. If you go there, be sure to take a lake tour. It crosses an other-worldly lake, and includes  lunch in a floating village, and a walk/swim through a river under a mountain.
A Stripe-throated Bulbul.
Spectacled Spiderhunter
The Vernal Hanging Parrot doing it's thing.
Sparring male Orange-bellied Flowerpeckers.
This lizard has so many names, I dont know what to call it. I kind of like Mountain Horned Dragon.
A very spindly Green Forest Lizard.
A leaf mimic butterfly. Species unknown.
Monkey hide and go seek. Who knows what this Long-tailed Macaque was doing? There are also many White-handed Gibbons, and Dusky, or Spectacled Langurs in Khao Sok.
A mildly venomous Mangrove Snake asleep in a tree overhanging the river.
A deadly, but mild mannered Temple Viper. This large female was found right outside some bungalows. I released it in the same place it was found.

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Unknown said...

Great pics. I plan to go there later this year