Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, July 5, 2010

Paradise Found,Part 1

The most beautiful part of Thailand that I have seen is Khao Sok National Park. It is inland from Phang Nga, and marginally cooler. There is a tiny town at the edge of the park where visitors can find inexpensive lodging, and several decent restaurants. Most people stay in bungalows on stilts like those seen above.

When I checked into my bungalow at the end of a long day, I laid down on the bed to relax for awhile before dinner. I was just nodding off when a loud barking startled me. It was coming from under the bed.
I looked under the bed, but could see nothing. Then I threw the mattress on to the floor, and saw a bulge in the linoleum on the floor. So I lifted the linoleum and promptly got bitten by this large Tokay Gecko.
You can see that he was all mouth. I took a few photos, and released him outside. Within two hours he was back, and woke me up frequently throughout the night for my entire stay there.
Right at the entrance to the National Park, I was delighted to see this Little Spiderhunter visiting a banana flower.
Khao Sok hosts an abundance of lizards. This baby lizard goes by several names. Forest Crested Lizard is the name I choose to call it.
Here is the adult.
The biggest of the lizards that I have seen in Khao Sok is this Clouded Monitor.
This Olive-backed Sunbird nest was hanging from a low branch at the side of a road. Traffic whizzed past, and pedestrians had to duck their heads to avoid the nest.
The adult Olive-backed Sunbird. They are very abundant in Thailand.
I have not been able to identify this turtle.
This large scorpion was fiesty, but not deadly. Stay tuned for part 2 of Paradise Found, and Prachuap Kiri Khan after that.

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