Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rafting the Rapids

Bright, warm days are all too rare in AK. so when such a day falls on a Saturday, the locals take full advantage to play outdoors. A group of friends and myself decided to go rafting down the Eagle River.
The level of the river rises and falls in accordance with air temperatures. The river was high today because on warm days the glacier that feeds the river melts faster.
There were 4 women, 4 men, and 5 children that piled into the large raft.
We saw a few Mew Gulls and lots of Spotted Sandpipers.
There were adults on either side of the smaller children to keep them from bouncing out of the raft.
I brought my old Lumix camera because I figured that the new Fuji would'nt be up to the task of capturing the action. Everyone got thoroughly soaked on this trip.
It is almost obligatory to spot a Bald Eagle when floating the Eagle River.
This one allowed us to float almost directly beneath it, but out of poop range.
Brodie is the owner of the raft, and an expert oursman.
Another great day comes to an end.

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